The Aim Of the Project


The aim of Kunštát Industrial Research Centre is to create prosperous, functioning, sustainable, stable and developing scheme of cooperation between corporate and public sector in terms of research, development and innovations. The Centre furthermore aims to support and strengthen economic stability, sustainability, development, education, competitiveness and at the same time also distinctiveness of Kunštátsko micro-region, as it historically used to be a significant area of the pottery industry.

The aim of the project is achievable with exploiting existing and future potential of cooperating subjects, with support of regional and national authorities and organizations of both public and local government, the Czech Chamber of Commerce and its regionalcommittees, field-focused organizations etc. with the maximal exploitation of available public and non-public financial sources.


Kunštát Industrial Research Centre project is created in accordance to strategic planning of the government of the Czech Republic in the field of research, development and innovations and is namely based on:


  • Update of the National Research, Development and Innovations Policy for the years 2009 to 2015 with the outlook to year 2020
  • National research and innovation strategies for smart specialization of the Czech Republic (RIS 3)
  • National priorities of oriented research, experimental development and innovations with the purpose of support (priority to Competitive knowledge-based economy)
  • National Reform Programme of the Czech Republic



Cooperation of the innovative enterprise with the research organization

Best - Business, a.s. company understands the necessity of the continuous industrial research that would bring a long-term competitive advantage, broaden its product portfolio and increase turnover; and apart from these market-oriented aims it would further contribute to increase of employment and region development thanks to using spaces of Kunštát facility. The company commitment to the region comes from the history of the company that is dated back to the origins of modern industrial approach to grinding tools production in the Czech Republic in 1893. The company has already realized several research projects, that were supported by OPPI or EUREKA programmes, and for the further activities it has been selected to cooperate with prominent experts and university institutions of the region, i.e. mainly with Brno University of Technology.

In 2015 close cooperation has been established with CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology of Brno University of Technology. CEITEC is the largest multi-field research centre in the Czech Republic uniting life and material sciences while being the prominent Czech „European Centre of Excellence“. The branch of Advanced Micro and Nanotechnologies is developed in CEITEC in the frame of Brno University of Technology.

Concentration on long-term, strategic transfer of R&D knowledge into practice and industry that is presently being intensively worked on by both BestBusiness, a.s. and CEITEC institute shapes the new way of broad cooperation among research organizations, namely large European centres of Excellence, or alternatively regional R&D centres and Czech innovative enterprises. Such approach suggests new representative way of sustainability of strategic investments of the governments of the Czech Republic and EU into R&D and innovations in the Czech Republic. Common efforts of both subjects to create a centre for industrial cooperation is also accented by the recently signed memorandum of cooperation.