Industrial Research

With respect to broad possibilities that arise from the utilization of the company’s facility and regarding the cooperation with CEITEC institute – group of – Materials Characterization and Advanced Coatings the company decided to actively support the activities in the industrial research, namely in following areas:

  • micro and nano powders
  • adhesives
  •  ceramic and metallic materials with refined coatings used for machining
  •  refinement of surfaces of construction industry, including chemical, aerospace, defence, mechanical, energetic, civil engineering,electrochemical, ceramic and glass industries
  • pyrolysis processes of material recycling for the environmental protection


Emerging centre of the industrial research aims to focus on vertical integration of all research processes with the subsequent commercialization and employment into production processes:

  • determination of new technological procedures
  • determination of new requirements for tangible and intangible properties
  •  determination of requirements for adequate qualified workforce
  • identification of suitable grant calls
  •  marketing and publicity (dissemination and exploitation)
  •  laboratory analysis and testing
  •  testing services
  • R&D in general, commercialization of joint projects for common clients and for the request of the market


Particular identified projects of the Industrial Research Centre

Following the introductory discussions on future industrial framework, there were identified projects with sufficient market potential and with continuity of successful projects of both Best - Business, a.s. and CEITEC:

  • ELBOR - Progressive technology of depth grinding
  • Research and development of production methods of specialized micro/nano powders (cavitation, grinding, especially for additive technologies – 3D printing), recycling the products of metal 3D printing
  • Preparation of intermetallic and layered structures and hypereutectic alloys based on aluminium with the usage of Ni coatings
  • Specific materials and specific layer coatings (aerospace and space, cavitation resistant hydrophobic surfaces for power and turbine lifespan enhancement)
  • RUBBER - ecological rubber disposal by means of a mobile device
  • influence of the environmental effects on the material surfaces and coatings


These projects will support creation of the professional background directly in Kunštát facility and completion of existing research and development laboratory capacities of CEITEC institute (analytical laboratory including LIBS, laboratory for experimental powders preparation, structural laboratory, X-ray uCT, tribology laboratory) as well as extending the present facility of production of specific testing standards and devices (prototyping, pilot production, mechanical workshop, manufacture of precision components, CNC)


The centre will in its activities build on the project of Ceramic research and development centre, that came from the extensive panel discussion in the field of utility ceramics, architecture and projection institutions and representatives of the state government departments, that were interested in the competitiveness and development in the traditional field of artistic and utility ceramics.


Presumption of grants calls utilization

In the frame of available grant calls the cooperating subjects identified following possibilities:

  • OPPIK – several topical programmes in different calls
  • Programme TRIO - Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
  • Programme EUROSTAR - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
  • HORIZONT 2020 – SME Instrument, Fast track to innovation